Doylehttp://www.comingoutloved.comMon, 02 Mar 2021 18:57:04 GMTcomingoutlovedFri, 08 Aug 2020 19:38:49 GMTAmicus Brief, 08 Aug 2020 20:30:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher DoyleIHF Files Supplemental Amicus Brief Against New Jersey's Change Therapy Ban

Earlier this week, attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), on behalf of International Healing Foundation, filed a supplemental Amicus Brief at the request of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the Sexual Orientation Change Effort (SOCE) case (King v. Christie) to overturn New Jersey's law banning licensed counselors from providing help to minors who seek to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions.

The Court issued an order directing that a supplemental brief should be filed to address two questions: First, is ‘talk therapy’ the type of speech known as ‘professional speech?’ And second, if it is, how much protection should it have under the First Amendment?

ADF answered the question in the brief. First, ‘talk therapy’ is ‘professional speech.” Second, it is entitled to great First Amendment protection.



Gay Children, Straight Parents Released in Spanish, 20 Jun 2020 05:00:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher Doyle"Gay Children, Straight Parents" Released in Spanish

While in Spain, IHF Founder Richard Cohen, M.A. conducted two television shows and three magazine interviews to promote the release of "Gay Children, Straight Parents" in Spanish. "I defended our position, that 1) No one is born with same-sex attractions, 2) No one chooses to experience homosexual feelings; and 3) Change is possible, to a hostile, pro-homosexual station (this is the first link), and the interview came out fairly well," commented Cohen. "The host was so surprised by my love and respect for the LGBT community."

Here is the pro-homosexual TV show link:

Additionally, Cohen debated the most hostile, volatile, wounded homosexual activist on another television show. The group the activist represented had IHF's counselor training program and healing seminar kicked out of the original hotel it was to be held, and he is now going to the high court of Spain in an attempt to ban all three of Cohen's books throughout the country!

You can watch the TV show on the first few links (in 15 minute segments as it was an hour show). You will see how sad this activist, Javier, was. Toward the very end, when Richard continued to profess his love and respect for him, his head almost blew off his body! The host and all watching in the studio were in shock that such an immature, angry man was there to represent the LGBT community in Spain. You will see on the third links below, the review from his homosexual organization, denouncing IHF and promising to have the books banned in Spain. So much for tolerance, diversity, and equality for all...

On-line articles about the book's release:

La Gaceta is the news website of Intereconomia TV:

Cohen's publisher's article about the late night TV debate:

And their article:

And HazteOir, a very active conservative lobby:

Efe (one of the world’s biggest news agencies), in El Confidencial

Victory in Spain!, 19 Jun 2020 05:00:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher DoyleVictory in Spain!

Approximately 50 psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, pastors and priests attended IHF's Counselor Training Program in. Madrid, Spain June 13-15 facilitated by IHF Founder Richard Cohen!

Homosexual activists did their best to cancel the event...but we found an alternate location after they bullied the hotel we had planned to use, to cancel the event.

Feedback from the conference:

"This training changed not only my therapeutic practice, but my marriage and parenting. I cannot thank you enough."

"You gave words to a message in my heart. Now I can help the youth leaders and thousands of young people that I minister to on a daily basis."

IHF is spreading love and healing throughout Spain and the world!

100 Attend Training and Healing Seminar in Milan, Italy, 13 Jun 2020 05:00:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher Doyle100 Attend Training and Healing Seminar in Milan, Italy

Sabaoth Ministries, with 28 churches throughout Italy and South America, sponsored a Counselor Training and Healing Seminar for their leaders and members from June 5-7. It was an extraordinary, transforming experience for all in attendance.

"My eyes and heart were illuminated with an understanding that I had sought all my life. Now I have hope."

"This was the training that turned my life around. Now I will go and help others."

In just two and a half days, we covered the basic causes for both same-sex attraction and opposite-sex attraction issues, and provided real solutions to present day conflicts. Men and women from all over Italy were inspired to take this knowledge into their home churches and mentor those struggling with their sexuality and other matters of the heart.

This was Richard Cohen's third time here in Milan. On Sunday, June 8th, he preached a message: "Time, Touch, and Talk: Healthy Parents, Healthy Children." This is the subject of his upcoming book about how parents may create secure, loving, and beautiful children. Click on the link to watch his presentation:

Richard Cohen Travels to Italy and Spain for Healing Seminars and Counselor Training, 08 May 2021 05:00:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher DoyleJune 5-7, 2014 Richard Cohen will present a one-day training and one-day healing seminar at Sabaoth Ministries in Milan, Italy.

June 13-15, 2014, Richard Cohen will offer our three-day Counselor Training Program in Madrid, Spain.

June 20-21, 2014, Richard Cohen will offer a two-day Healing Seminar also in Madrid, Spain.
























Break Through to the Inner Child with Mary Poppins, 05 May 2021 05:00:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher DoyleBreaking Through to the Inner Child with Mary Poppins

Last week during spring break, my wife and I took our three small children to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In eight years of marriage, Sherry and I have been to Disney four times together, twice with our kids. We have always been fond of the fairy-tale magic atmosphere of these playgrounds. There is something remarkable about the way Walt Disney constructed his theme parks that brings out the child in all of us.

Perhaps it’s the bright colors and cheerful music, or maybe it’s the memories of having grown up watching Mickey Mouse that creates this nostalgic joy for so many of us. In fact, we have often commented that there must be something in the water in Orlando that produces such delight for all those in attendance! How else could anyone be so happy to shell out $100 a ticket for cheap carnival food and miniature parades?

Walt Disney’s parks are able to unlock the inner child in all of us. No matter what age you are, when you step into a Disney park, every color, smell, song, and ride takes you back to the innocent years of childhood, when life was simple and your only job was to play. Interestingly, the weekend before we left for the trip, my wife and I just happened to rent a movie called Saving Mr. Banks.

Set in 1961, the film tells the story of Pamela Travers (also known as Helen Goff), the financially-struggling author of the popular Mary Poppins stories. After being pursued by Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) for twenty years to sell the rights of the books in order to produce a film (to fulfill a promise to his children), she reluctantly agrees to travel to Los Angeles to work out a deal.

Travers, who resisted granting the rights to Disney due to her contempt for animated films, insisted on being a co-creator of the film. The creative team quickly realizes the difficulty in working with her.

They are puzzled by her dislike for fantasy and playfulness. She is controlling, and insists that Mary Poppins be portrayed as a proper English nanny, and further, that the father of the house, George Banks, not be depicted as cruelly as the script describes.

As the story unravels, the writers come to understand how personal the Mary Poppins stories are for Travers. Many of the characters are inspired by her own childhood, including the harsh George Banks, who in reality was based off Travers’ alcoholic father. In a flashback, one day Ginty (Pamela’s childhood name) goes to meet her father at work for ice cream, interrupting him during a drunken rage that nearly gets him fired. This was devastating for Ginty, who idolized her dad throughout childhood.

As the creative work progresses into song writing, Travers increasingly experiences flashbacks of painful childhood memories, causing her to become even more controlling and difficult to work with while collaborating with Disney’s team. The flashbacks are more than Travers can take – and during a scene where Mr. Banks sings while scolding his children not to invest foolishly and to be responsible, Travers has another memory of her father giving a speech at a faire on behalf of the Bank where he is employed. In the middle of his speech, attended by several distinguished guests and supporters, he is so drunk that he loses his balance and falls off the stage.

Having lost his job, her father’s drinking gets progressively worse, and the tension at home rises between Ginty’s parents. As his addiction grows and eventually leads to a chronic illness, her mother’s depression gets more severe. Sharing a kindred spirit with her father, Ginty had always tried to please him to win his love. In the end while he was dying, the only thing she could do to please him was to find the stash of alcohol her mother hid so he could numb the pain.

Shortly after, her mother confronts her in the middle of the night, saying: “I know you gave it to him…I know you love your father more, but one day you will understand,” and tells Ginty to take care of her sisters. She then tries to commit suicide by drowning herself in the lake. But Ginty follows her into the water and saves her from killing herself. Enter Mary Poppins to save the day, who in Travers’ life was her mother’s sister.

As Travers later describes to Disney, her aunt “flew in from the window one day” and brought order to the home. As the creative team finishes the song where George Banks scolds the children, Travers admonishes them for portraying him in such a cruel light: “He is not a monster…why have you made him so unspeakably awful…I can’t bear it, I’d feel like I’d let him down again (she mutters as she leaves the room).” The only thing her aunt couldn’t do was to save Ginty’s father from death, and Ginty blames it on herself.

The whole process is now in chaos, with Travers paralyzed from the flashbacks. Desperate to salvage the script and discover what is plaguing her, Walt Disney takes Travers to Disney Land for a day to ease the tension. After agreeing to soften the depiction of Banks, the impasse between her and the production team subsides as she regains excitement for the project. Upon learning of a secret animated sequence, which she had insisted would not be a part of the film, the progress is ruined as Travers confronts Disney and promptly returns home to England.

Unwilling to give up, Disney takes the very next flight to London and knocks on her door: “You have misjudged me. You look at me and see some kind of Hollywood Midus, but I’m not who you think I am. I have my own Mr. Banks. Mine had a moustache.”

Disney then goes to share with Travers the reality of his childhood. His father owned a newspaper delivery route and used him and his big brother to deliver the papers. Twice daily, the two boys trudged through the sometimes-severe weather with inadequate shoes to do their father’s work, or else face his temper. Instead of playing and learning, Walt’s childhood consisted of pleasing his father at his own expense, alienating him from his own needs. Then, in an emotional monologue, Disney remarks:

Life disappoints you Mrs. Travers, and Mary Poppins is the only person who hasn’t disappointed you. You created yourself in someone else…you don’t want to live a life that is dictated by the past. It’s not the children she (Mary Poppins) came to save; it’s their father. It’s your father. You need to forgive Helen Goff. Give her to me, Mrs. Travers. Trust me with your precious Mary Poppins. I won’t disappoint you. I swear every time a person walks in a movie house in Leicester Square to Kansas City, they will see George Banks being saved. They will love him and his kids. They will weep for his cares. They will ring their hands when he loses his job. And when he flies that kite, they will rejoice. They will sing in movie houses all over the world, in the eyes and hearts of my kids and other kids and mothers and fathers for generations to come, George Banks will be honored. George Banks will be redeemed. George Banks and all he stands for will be saved. Now, maybe not in life, but in imagination. Because that’s what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again. So trust me, Mrs. Travers. Let me prove it to you.

For Walt, Disney Land was a way to compensate for the pain of having missed out on his own childhood. For Travers, Mary Poppins brought order and balance to a chaotic home, but even she couldn’t save her alcoholic father. But what she could provide was a calm to the storm inside of Travers, at least for a while. The Mary Poppins stories were an attempt to paint an idealized version of her own childhood in order to heal the unresolved wounds she carried from her alcoholic father and depressed mother. But when Disney’s team confronted the harsh reality of these characters: the flaws in George Banks and the inattentiveness of her mother’s care, the pain it brought up for Travers’ inner child, who was hiding, was more than she could bear.

In her book Recovery of Your Inner Child, Lucia Capacchione, PH.D writes:

The absence of the Child Within leaves a painful feeling of emptiness . . . what caused it was the Child within us went into hiding. As a result, we lost our True Selves and thereby our ability to connect with others and with God in a meaningful way. The only way to fill our emptiness is to realize the True Self within us and experientially connect it to God. When we do that and complete our unfinished business, we are healed. We are then free to co-create a successful and enjoyable life for ourselves.

True to form, when Travers is able to let go of the idealized version of mom and dad and deal with the pain they caused her growing up, she relinquishes control of Mary Poppins, and the pristine image of the Banks family. In the final scene, Travers is shown watching the Hollywood premiere of the long-awaited film in 1964, weeping uncontrollably as George Banks loses his job, crushes his family, and then regains their admiration by letting go of control and focusing on what really matters in life. As Banks sings: “Let’s Go Fly a Kite,” Travers is mouthing the words with tears rolling down her face: a catharsis long overdue. A catharsis her inner child had needed since she was a little girl.

For more information on inner child healing, visit our website at: or click here to find out how you can attend our healing weekends, including our Breakthrough Healing Weekend for Men with Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions this summer and experience inner child healing for yourself.

Christopher Doyle is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and the Director of the International Healing Foundation. For more information, visit:

IHF Files Amicus Brief In Support of Lawsuit Challenging New Jersey's Change Therapy Ban, 26 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher DoyleIHF Files an Amicus Brief in support of Alliance Defending Freedoms' lawsuit against the change therapy ban in New Jersey.

View Amicus Brief

Gay Activists Protest Richard Cohen's Conference in Monterrey Mexico, 14 Feb 2021 06:00:00 GMTRichard CohenRichard CohenGAY ACTIVISTS PROTEST RICHARD COHEN'S CONFERENCE IN MONTERREY MEXICO

Over three hundred men and women dared to cross the picket line of gay and lesbian activists who opposed my talk this evening in Monterrey, Mexico. Before the conference began, Andreina del Villar, our IHF Mexico Acting Director, and I went outside to greet the protestors with donuts! We wanted to show them our love and support. They asked many questions, doubting our sincerity. Looking into their eyes, I could see so much unhappiness and pain. We simply said how much we loved them...although most of them were unable to receive it...but, they did enjoy our donuts:))

The talk went great for the 300 in attendance. One woman came up to me afterwards and stated, "I am in a prayer group of women. I was so prejudiced against homosexual persons. You completely changed my mind and heart. Now I can understand God's incredible love for all His homosexual sons and life will never be the same!"

It was worth coming to Monterrey to simply change one mind toward loving the entire homosexual community. And of course, we received tremendous thanks from several hundred others who were so grateful and learned so much about the truth of same-sex attraction and how to truly love all same-sex attracted men and women, whether they wish to change or live a gay life.

Thank you for your incredible prayers and support. We shall continue, against all odds, to share the truth in love that people are not essentially born with same-sex attraction and that real and complete change is possible. May God continue to bless you and many thanks for your support. And a big thank you to our IHF Mexico Director, Andreina del Villar.

The four-color brochure of me was a handout by the gay activists outside the conference. I'm infamous in the gay community. Little do they know how much I deeply love them...with all my heart. Amen.


Counselor Training Program in Mexico City, 26 Jul 2020 05:00:00 GMTadminadminCounselor Training Program in Mexico City
Sept 20-22, 2013

Psychotherapist, author, and founder of IHF Richard Cohen will present our three-day Counselor Training Program in Mexico City on September 20-22. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about the meaning of same-sex attraction (SSA) and loving those who experience SSA the right ways.

Cohen will present two proven and successful protocols: 1) assisting men and women who experience SSA, helping them fulfill their true potential, and 2) assisting their family members and friends, helping to restore family relations and greater love.

For more information, please contact Andreina del Villar in Mexico City at tel. 04455-5451-3008. Hope to see you there!

Changing Lives in Italy and Croatia, 31 May 2020 05:00:00 GMTRichard CohenRichard Cohen


“It was the best moment of my life; from now I’m in the process of true healing.”

“You are a revolutionary man, therapist, brother, and guide. You changed Italy, and you changed me.”

“In my healing journey, I went to different seminars and read many books. Every time it was as if I gained a piece of the puzzle. In the Counselor Training Program, I received all the pieces together in the right order, and now the puzzle is complete!”

“I learned how to deal with identity conflicts and emotional/sexual brokenness. Now I have renewed hope.”

These are just a few of the reflections for the Counselor Training Program and Healing Seminar that took place in Milan, Italy on May 9-11 and May 17-18. Over sixty, from all over Italy, participated at each event. Now they are taking this life-changing information and helping others in need. Next year we will return to Italy and continue part II of the training, while several are beginning the certification process at this time to become sexual orientation coaches with IHF.

On May 22nd and May 23rd respectively, I spoke in the cities of Split and Zagreb, Croatia for the release of all three my books (see the flyer and photos). It was exciting as professors, therapists, clergy, and concerned citizens gathered to learn more about homosexuality and the possibility of change. “I have been a psychiatrist for fifty years, and absolutely everything you said was true,” a gentleman stated after the talk in Zagreb. I was also invited back next year to conduct our Counselor Training Program to therapists, clergy, and others in Croatia.

It was very exciting for my wife, Jae Sook, and I to see many lives impacted by our work of 24 years and how IHF is expanding worldwide. In September, we will offer our Counselor Training Program in Mexico City. Please contact our office for more information.

Counselor Training Program in Spain, 28 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMTRichard CohenRichard CohenCounselor Training Program in Spain

From March 1-3, in Madrid, Spain, Desiree Carlson, IHF Latin American director and psychotherapist, and I facilitated our Counselor Training Program for 30 therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, ministry leaders, and priests. It was a wonderful success. Here are a few comments:

"I never experienced such a comprehensive and life-changing seminar. Now I know how to assist clients dealing with same-sex attraction. This will revolutionize my practice here in Spain."

"Amazing. I came to learn about homosexuality and discovered it's also myself who needs healing! Words cannot express my gratitude."

Many professional therapists who attended the training will begin the certification process with IHF and eventually become our referral therapists in Spain(one psychologist attended from Italy). Another psychologist agreed to help us start IHF Spain! We are expanding our mission throughout the world.

While in Spain, I was interviewed by radio and newspapers about the release of my latest book, Abriendo las Puertas del Armario, the Spanish version of Straight Talk about Homosexuality. In May, my wife and I are off to Milan, Italy to conduct our Counselor Training Program (May 9-11) and TLC Healing Seminar (May 17-18). If you are in Europe, I look forward to seeing you there. Please contact our office for details.

Click here for CTP Italian Flyer

Click here to view LaGaceta

Click here to view Spanish Newspaper Article

CBS Puts Politics Above the Well Being of Children, 28 Feb 2021 06:00:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher Doyle

When I was a young man, I lived a gay life. But my dream was to marry a woman and have a family, so I sought to change my homosexual attractions. Today, I’m living my dream! I am married to a beautiful woman, and together we have three wonderful children. As a psychotherapist, I am passionate about helping other persons who struggle with their homosexual feelings…some want to change, while others just want to be heard, understood, and loved.

I believe in equality and respect for all views of sexuality, and that’s why I defend everyone’s right to live their lives according to their own values. Although the gay life wasn’t for me, I sincerely love the entire Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. But what the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) aired on February 20, 2021 was outrageous and reprehensible! It deeply offended me and my family, my clients and their families, and the counselors that help them.

The episode of “Criminal Minds” on CBS followed a team of FBI investigators tracking a serial killer who is murdering women and gay men in a series of sex crimes. Titled: “Broken,” it quickly became defamatory when investigators discover that the killer attended a “conversion therapy camp” as a teenager to overcome same-sex attractions (SSA).

What is even more disturbing is how CBS portrays the motives of the killer. Due to his Christian upbringing, the Bible’s scriptures on homosexuality are the key force behind his violence. The FBI traces the time of the killings, 6:22pm, to a passage in the Old Testament/Torah book, Leviticus (18:22) that quotes: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

“He converted 18:22 to 6:22pm, like military time . . . it wouldn’t be the first time someone took the good book and twisted it for their own agenda,” says the FBI agent.

The scene then changes to a flashback where the teenage serial killer is confessing his attraction of another schoolboy to his father, who is outraged, refusing to accept his son’s homosexual feelings.

Investigators then comment: “This man can’t accept his same-sex desires, but he can’t fight them either. He’s most likely been repressing all sexual urges for quite some time . . . but he’s trapped in a scenario with an impossible outcome. He can’t force himself to like women, so when he’s unable to get aroused he becomes depressed again and lashes out in anger to the people he blames for his impotence. The circular logic dictating his never-ending cycle was not formed overnight, it most likely came about from years of serious abuse, either emotional, physical, or both.”

The scene then flashes back to the father, trying to force his son to have sex with a prostitute in order to make him a “real man,” presumably to rid the boy of homosexual feelings.

The investigators then instruct the other FBI agents searching for the killer: “The most popular motive for trying to overcome same-sex attraction is the need to be accepted by the parent or loved one who has rejected the individual because of their homosexuality. So focus on men who grew up in a broken home, who suffered under the guardianship of a domineering parent as well as those who fell victim to bigotry or bullying.”
As the plot unfolds, it appears that the conversion camp makes the killer believe that acting on his SSA is wrong, which causes him to repress his sexual urges, and ultimately, resort to violently attacking people due to these conflicts around his homosexual feelings.

During the episode, CBS portrays therapists and ministries that seek to help persons with unwanted SSA out to be child abusing religious cults, capitalizing on the fears of homophobic parents who have gay children.
“There doesn’t seem to be much room for self-expression,” comments the FBI agent.

“We try to keep things as uniformed as possible. We’re not trying to stifle them; it’s just that progressive behavior can unravel their recovery efforts,” comments the camp director.

“Such as colors?”

“Earth tones such as brown or tan are the go-to, navy blue if the color doesn’t fade or become too bright,” commented the camp director.

“Because light blue would be too feminine…”

“Exactly, ” comments the camp director.

The camp director then explains that the “therapy” has participants partake in masculine activities, such as auto work, to reinforce traditional gender roles. For participants that do not follow the rules, enhanced therapeutic methods are used.

The episode claims that these camps border on “torture” in the methods used to convert gays to straight. When the FBI questions the ethics of the camp’s leader, his only comment is, “I have parental consent.”

The show’s premise that clients seek to change their homosexual feelings because of internalized homophobia, and that parents who support their children’s right to seek counseling are really abusive bigots, is simply outrageous.

Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) are portrayed as a simplistic set of outdated and barbaric methods, making professional therapists look like brainwashing, unenlightened extremists who are taking part in illegal activities for financial profit without any concern for the welfare of children.

The truth is methods such as electroshock therapy haven’t been used since the 1950s, where they were employed to treat a variety of disorders such as depression and other mental illnesses. That CBS actually believes such techniques are a common method of SOCE, let alone any therapeutic practice in 2013 is unrealistic. It is clear that the producers of “Criminal Minds” have an agenda to influence public opinion.

It just so happens that the episode aired at a critical time when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is in the process of ruling on the legality of SOCE therapy for minors in the state of California. At a time when activists are pushing legislation through other state legislatures in the effort to ban SOCE, CBS is guilty of putting politics about the well being of children.

To sign the petition and demand that CBS immediately apologize, click here.


Christopher Doyle, M.A. is a Psychotherapist and the Director of the International Healing Foundation, a non-profit organization that has helped thousands of SSA and LGBT individuals, and their families, since 1990. For more information, visit:

IHF Director, Christopher Doyle, Announces Groundbreaking Bullying Prevention Project, 31 Jan 2021 06:00:00 GMTChristohper DoyleChristohper DoyleIHF Director, Christopher Doyle, Announces
Groundbreaking Bullying Prevention Project

Acception Provides Solutions and Understanding to LGBT Bullying

The International Healing Foundation (IHF) is excited to announce a groundbreaking project to prevent the bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and students with unwanted same-sex attraction (LGBTQIU) across the United States. The 21-minute film and health education curriculum is entitled Acception, which means accepting and appreciating differences. The story follows four high school students as they perform a class assignment on bullying and LGBTQIU issues.

“I am excited to announce this project as IHF’s bullying preventing effort. For over 22 years, IHF has helped thousands of individuals and families struggling with same-sex attraction pursue their dreams and reconcile with their families. Now, we are taking this message of love and acceptance to our nation’s schools to prevent bullying and save lives,” commented Director/Producer Christopher Doyle. Born out of his own experiences of being bullied as a teenager, Doyle incorporates original animations and true stories on social networking websites to help students understand that “hurting people, hurt people” and “healthy people, help people.”

“The mission of Acception is to help educators provide solutions to the nation's bullying epidemic while empowering students to become agents of change so they can stand up and ‘Be a Hero’ to prevent bullying in their schools,” said Doyle. The film focuses on helping students understand and accept their peers who are stigmatized for their sexuality and who are often targeted because of their perceived or actual sexual or gender identity.

“When I was a teenager, I was confused about my sexuality and was bullied by other students because I was perceived to be gay,” commented Doyle. “I tried so hard to be accepted, to belong, and to fit in. I felt that it was impossible to be open about my sexuality and get help from the community as I navigated through adolescence.”

Today, there are basically two polarized views about homosexuality. On one side are those who believe that gays and lesbians should be treated equally and given the same access and rights as heterosexuals. On the other side are people who object to homosexuality for various moral or religious reasons. “These views have too often become politicized in our educational system and, sadly, students are not offered a comprehensive view regarding sexuality. Acception is unique in that it breaks through these barriers and presents the issue of homosexuality from diverse viewpoints, with love and compassion. Stories of gay and lesbian youth are shared, as well as the experience of a student who struggles with unwanted same-sex attraction and seeks change,” remarked Doyle.

“At times it’s really difficult being gay at school,” commented a high school student from New York. “I deal with so much hate from others. I hope Acception is shown to all students in this country so they can understand how hard it is for students like me.”The film and curriculum, released in March 2012, is already being implemented in more than a dozen school districts across the USA, including Alabama, Colorado, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, and Washington, and is expected to reach at least 25,000 students in its first year of implementation.

Principal Barbara Kirkweg of Bronx Aerospace High School in Bronx, New York, is enthusiastic about her school's implementation of Acception: "I don't know of anything more useful than this film and curriculum to help kids navigate the pre-teen and teen years. Acception will save lives."

At the conclusion of the Acception film is a memorial dedicated to the many students who committed suicide, in part, because of bullying. “It doesn’t matter whether a person is gay, straight, or ‘different,’ no one deserves to be bullied. It’s time that we all treat each other with respect, understanding, and love. Acception brings ‘Do unto others’ back into our hearts and minds,” commented Brenda High, co-founder of Bully Police USA, author of Bullycide in America, and mother of Jared High, who committed suicide because of bullying.

“My wish is that students across the country recognize that bullying hurts, and in some cases, kills. Accepting and appreciating differences does not mean that we have to agree with everyone’s life choices. However, we are called to be compassionate towards everyone’s sexuality and life experiences. Acception is all about true tolerance, real diversity, and equality for all,” stated Doyle.

For more information about the Acception film and health educational resources for schools, teachers, parents, and students, visit:]]>
Lightening Strikes NYC as Christopher Doyle Defends Client’s Rights on The Dr. Oz Show!, 12 Dec 2020 06:00:00 GMTChristopher DoyleChristopher DoyleOn November 28, lightening struck New York City as International Healing Foundation’s (IHF) Psychotherapist, Christopher Doyle, and his wife Sherry appeared on the nationally syndicated Dr. Oz Show to share his story of change and talk about Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) in therapy. With the pending law in California to ban SOCE for minors, it was indeed a hot topic, with sparks flying throughout the show!

In the first segment, Dr. Oz interviewed Christopher about his story of change and work with clients who experience unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA)! Christopher shared about his own transformation, and that of his clients through, therapy. Dr. Oz asked Sherry how it was being married to a former homosexual man. Her words were beautiful and spot on. What a beautiful testament to change with love and truth!

In the next segment, Christopher and Rich Wyler (director of People Can Change) shared more about their stories of change, and how they help others conflicted with unwanted SSA, all the while expressing their love and support for all who experience same-sex attraction: “I support the rights of lesbian, gays, bisexual, and transgender people to pursue their dreams…and we need to understand that there are a group of us for whom living a gay life wasn’t compatible with our values and who we really believe we are . . . If I didn’t have that choice, that chance to change, I wouldn’t have my two kids today, I wouldn’t have my wife today, ” commented Christopher.

Then the fire began: two men, Peter and Gabriel, shared how they sought help to change with therapy and became suicidal before accepting themselves as gay men. Next a surprise celebrity guest, Clay Aiken (of American Idol) and Dr. Oz's resident addiction counselor, Brad shared with passion and pain how detrimental our work is for them. Brad's father was/is a preacher, and he experienced so much judgment and damnation from his father's judgmental attitudes about homosexuality. There was no appeasing his animosity, no matter how much Christopher said we love and respect all members of the LGBT community, and affirm the individual's right of self-determination.

Then Dr. Julie Hamilton, past president of NARTH, and a Dr. John Clark, psychiatrist and professor at Harvard and UCLA, debated about the merits of therapy to help those overcome unwanted SSA. It was frustrating to see how much the producers edited Dr. Hamilton’s remarks about the science surrounding therapy and change, but mid-way through Dr. Clark’s sentence that “people don’t change,” Christopher spoke up from the audience: “I changed …I’m living proof. I have a wife and two kids. You’re ignoring the research!”

While outnumbered and disrespected throughout the show by those who denigrate IHF’s work, Christopher’s powerful testimony and compassion clearly won the hearts and minds of the national viewers. Out of all the e-mails and phone calls that were received by our office in the weeks after the show aired, we had dozens of positive and supporting comments, and only one negative e-mail. In IHF’s twenty-one year history, never have we had such an overwhelming positive and warm response from a media appearance, a true sign that our message of love, compassion, and truth was heard loud and clear throughout the United States and beyond! To watch the entire show online, visit the Dr. Oz website by clicking here.

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