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Alfie's Home is the story of a boy who struggles with homosexuality well into his teenage years, then transitions naturally into heterosexuality after finding help and experiencing love in his family. This is the first resource of its kind for parents, teachers, students, counselors, clergy and anyone interested in helping children and adults heal their sexual identity.

Alfie's Home a true perspective of the homosexual struggle
"I found Alfie's Home an excellent book and a wonderful resource for anyone who deals with children. I believe it accurately shows some of the roots of homosexuality and how there can be healing for those in this painful situation. As someone who has experienced that healing myself, I rejoice to see the voice of the ex-gay in a book for families. Thank you, Richard Cohen." — reader from USA , December 16, 2020

At long last....A Biblical view
"This book is a long awaited answer to such books as Heather Has Two Mommies. This book paints a true and accurate picture of the struggle of a child with family issues. Written by someone who has 'been there' and knows the power of healing, this book is a MUST read for the person who wants all the information that is available. I strongly recommend this book." — reader from USA, January 15, 2021