Counselor Training Program

Counselor Training Program

This groundbreaking Counselor Training Program is the first of its kind in the world, detailing a comprehensive approach for:

1. helping men and women who question their sexuality and/or experience unwanted same-sex attraction

2. assisting family and friends with LGBTQU loved ones.

Come and learn how to help men and women struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction experience freedom and transformation.

All participants who attend will receive a Certificate of Attendance for Sexual Orientation Training and Education.

A Certificate as a Certified Sexual Orientation Coach will be mailed to those who complete all the requirements within one year of the final day of this training.

Now Enrolling for Fall--Online Counselor Training Program (10 sessions)
Call the office for more dates.

Facilitators: Richard Cohen, M.A., Christopher Doyle, M.A.

$299 per person

In-Person Training: 3-day Seminar
Hotel near Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Richard Cohen, M.A., Christopher Doyle, M.A.

$299 per person ($275 for early registration)
$849 per team (up to 3 representatives) ($799 for early registration)

All participants are required to sign a code of conduct upon registration that they are attending the seminar as a participant for educational, therapeutic, and/or healing purposes. No part of this seminar may be recorded electronically or by any other means, and all details of therapeutic processes demonstrated, described, or taught must be kept confidential (except when used in professional or ministerial practice with clients) and are intellectual property of the International Healing Foundation.