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Psychotherapist Richard Cohen, M.A. is the board president and founder of the International Healing Foundation (IHF) located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He is the author of Coming Out Straight, Gay Children Straight Parents, Straight Talk About Homosexuality, Counselor Training Program, Let’s Talk About Sex, and Alfie’s Home. He has a tremendous success rate helping men and women who experience unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA) fulfill their heterosexual potential, and parents reconcile with their SSA children.

IHF Responds to Richard Cohen being removed from the list of therapists of the American Counseling Association in April 2002

The American Counseling Association (ACA), a non-licensing, trade organization, opened an ethics inquiry regarding Richard Cohen’s practice in 2001 based on a single client’s complaint. The ACA charges were that a dual relationship was created because he allowed this client to do volunteer work for the International Healing Foundation, contribute to IHF, and share his story at a therapeutic conference. The most egregious act they said Mr. Cohen committed was suggesting that his client read/buy his books and attend healing seminars as a part of his treatment. In fact, this is common and ethical practice among therapists. IHF believes that Mr. Cohen was unfairly scrutinized because he is a former homosexual and believes in the client’s right of self-determination to receive treatment for unwanted SSA. Because of their discrimination, Mr. Cohen chose not to subject himself to their biased ethics board and was subsequently expelled. The ACA’s decision has no implication on the legality or legitimacy of Richard Cohen’s successful therapeutic practice or that of IHF’s current therapists/coaches.


Psychotherapist Richard Cohen has always practiced within the legal requirements of each state where he resided. Presently he travels throughout the world training psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, clergy, and ministry leaders how to assist the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning population, as well as those who experience unwanted same-sex attraction (LGBTQU) and their loved ones. He is the author of six books and is currently working on a new book entitled Time, Touch, and Talk: Healthy Parents, Healthy Children.

Therapeutic Techniques

As a psychotherapist, Mr. Cohen has employed a variety of traditional therapeutic modalities to help individuals, couples, and families heal. Eclectic in his approach, Cohen uses a variety of therapeutic techniques that have been shown to be effective through scientific research. He has always practiced within the ethical guidelines of mental health organizations, respecting the client’s autonomy and self-determination. Regarding the use of touch in psychotherapy, IHF adheres to the Ethics Guidelines of The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (http://www.usabp.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=9). For more information on the history, efficacy, and practice of touch in psychotherapy, see: Phelan, J.E. (2009). Exploring the use of touch in the psychotherapeutic setting: A phenomenological review. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training, 46(1), 97-111.


Mr. Cohen was born and raised Jewish and then became a Christian during his undergraduate years in college. He joined the Unification Church as a young man, left in1995, and then returned to his Christian and Catholic roots. Cohen came out of homosexuality and has been happily married since 1981. He and his wife have three beautiful adult children.

Wikipedia Page about Richard Cohen

The Wikipedia page about Richard Cohen was not written by the International Healing Foundation. We believe that it was written and edited by activists who are discriminatory toward former homosexuals and against therapy for those who experience unwanted same-sex attraction.

IHF Responds to Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill Statement

January 5, 2010

Dear President Museveni,

My name is Richard Cohen. I am a psychotherapist, former homosexual, and director of the International Healing Foundation in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. In March 2009, we sent a representative, Caleb Brundidge, to Kampala to share his wonderful story of transformation from homosexual to heterosexual at the Family Life Network conference. The purpose of the conference, as we understood it, was to inform people about the causes and potential healing of unwanted same-sex attraction. We had absolutely no idea that the teachings at the conference would be misused to contribute in any way to the persecution and criminalization of homosexuals as proposed in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill No. 18. If we had had any inkling of such an outcome, we never would have considered participating.

Over the past twenty years, as a psychotherapist, I was privileged to help thousands of men and women worldwide resolve their unwanted homosexual feelings and fulfill their heterosexual dreams. Mr. Brundidge has likewise helped many struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions. However, I shudder to think that if we had lived in Uganda under this proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill, at a time before we found a way out of homosexuality, your legislation may have resulted in our being executed or incarcerated, as we both lived openly homosexual lives previous to our transformation. That thought is horrifying, and makes this bill very personal to me. I struggled for years with my unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA), but no one knew how to help me. Finally, after many years and tears, I discovered the causes for my same-sex attractions and then deep, lasting, and profound healing occurred in my life. Today I am living my dream, married to my wonderful wife Jae Sook (who hails from Korea) and we have three beautiful children.

I strongly believe that Bill No. 18 is extreme, cruel, and counter-productive. No one will benefit if you criminalize people who experience homosexual feelings that they never chose and cannot simply wish away through willpower or prayer alone. We have found that sexual reorientation therapies have been extremely beneficial and effective for those seeking change. However, this bill would frighten all people from seeking the very help they need, and that many want. In such a punitive environment, people like me would be terrified to reach out and ask for the help, love, and support that can bring real change.

I understand that a motivating factor behind this proposed legislation is the report of young children and those with disabilities being raped by HIV-infected persons. There is no doubt that this terrible behavior must be stopped. However, I believe that the bill, as written, is too broad in incriminating all persons who experience homosexual feelings and does not take into account heterosexual sexual abuse and the spread of HIV through heterosexual activity. I recommend amending the language in the bill to be more specific regarding consequences for those who abuse and rape minors and disabled people, regardless of their sexual preference. Furthermore, if you truly wish to be pro-active in the issue of homosexuality we recommend: 1) make available in your therapeutic agencies, places of worship, and public institutions opportunities for men and women who experience same-sex attractions to voluntarily receive confidential counseling, and 2) insure the legal protection of former homosexuals. Such an enlightened program would become a beacon of light in the world for true healing and transformation, far better than condemnation and punishment, by providing care, concern, and solution.

We at the International Healing Foundation believe in promoting understanding, love, and support for those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, and also providing help for their family members and friends. This bill, as written, would punish the very people who are hurting and in need and discourage them from seeking the assistance that could otherwise result in transformation. In fact, it would send them underground, suffering in silence, only generating more pain and sadness.

I implore you to rewrite this proposed legislation and remove any criminalization for people who experience homosexual attractions. Rather, please provide counseling and opportunities for change which would be far more beneficial for those in need.

Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter.



Richard Cohen, M.A.

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