Meet our 2013 Summer Interns

Allison Adams
Allison Adams is a 28 year old graduate student, currently studying School Psychology. She completed her undergraduate degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences.

After completing her Master’s Degree, she plans to work in the public school systems, setting up intervention plans and assessing children to promote academic achievement and personal success. In so doing, she will have ample opportunity to exercise the counseling skills and techniques that have been reinforced during the course of this internship as well as the experience gleaned this summer. She looks forward to helping children achieve academic excellence and success in their studies!

Angelika Mieleszko
Angelika Mieleszko is a 22 year old senior, pursuing her degree in Psychology. For the past eight years, she has worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her experience includes: Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Floortime and ABA therapy.

She is most passionate about working with children who are living with disabilities and she wishes to continue this work in the future.


Chuck Peters
Chuck Peters, originally from Arizona, holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the United States Air Force Academy and is the Clinical Director of the Sexual Orientation Change Institute in Beverly Hills, California (

As a child, the molestation by his adult gay Boy Scout master was one of the main impetuses of his same gender attractions. As both an ex-gay and an Eagle Scout, Chuck is excited to join the advisory board of Voice of the Voiceless to offer his strength, experience, and hope to those seeking freedom from the sexualization of their same gender attractions. Over the past twenty years, Chuck has both received therapy to overcome unwanted same-gender attractions and learned from many of the organizations that offer this therapy, helping him form the Sexual Orientation Change Institute. During this time, effective counseling/reparative therapy has yielded life-fulfilling results.

Without the help of organizations like the International Healing Foundation, Marked Men for Christ, and Journey Into Manhood, Chuck says he would have committed suicide. Chuck finds it ironic that gay activist groups will celebrate and hold pride parades for people who chose to undergo years of hormone therapy and countless medical procedures to change from a man to a woman, yet someone like him who chooses to change his sexual orientation is disenfranchised, thrown under the bus, and denied equal discrimination protection under the law. He is excited that Voice of the Voiceless will give him an avenue to fight against such bigotry and discrimination.