Voice of the Voiceless Praises ESPN Decision to Reject Discrimination

Voice of the Voiceless Praises ESPN Decision to Reject Discrimination

Voice of the Voiceless Praises ESPN Decision to Reject Discrimination Against Veteran Sports Reporter

Rev. DL Foster Comments on Chris Broussard's Reaction to Jason Collins "Coming Out" in the NBA

May 1, 2013, Atlanta, GA - Voice of the Voiceless (VOV), a public advocacy organization supporting and defending the rights of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, and their families, today voiced approval of ESPN's handling of Chris Broussard's reaction to Jason Collins' announcement that he is gay. Collins made headlines this week when he become the first player in a major professional sport to openly announce his homosexuality.

Broussard, a veteran ESPN sports reporter was invited to add perspective ---not as a representative of ESPN--- but as an American citizen with free speech rights, in response to the "coming out" of Jason Collins. Despite Broussard responding with grace, truth, and honesty, he was yet excoriated by the same groups who demanded that another sports star (Tim Tebow) keep his Christian faith hidden because it is "too polarizing."

“Discrimination has found a new soft target in the media marketplace. Bracketed by concerns of losing one's employment and the threat of a public media lynching is the new reality for American citizens of traditional biblical faith who would dare openly voice their perspectives on sexuality and morality,” said Rev. DL Foster, VOV Co-Founder.

Nowhere is that concern more pronounced than in the media as Americans found out on Monday in the wake of the previously unknown player's announcement that he was homosexual. Despite intense pressure from a chorus of pro-gay personalities, ESPN stood by Broussard, issuing a statement that called the discussion “respectful” and part of its “commit[ment] to diversity.” We applaud ESPN for their tolerance and respect for diversity.

Much like the team sports ethic, ESPN gets it that dissension in national discussions about homosexuality is a vibrant part of our American ideals. VOV calls on other organizations to resist extremist voices that seek to push our nation into a one-sided media monopoly on important issues.

Rev. DL Foster is the Co-Founder of Voice of the Voiceless

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1. Linda J Watts wrote:
It's about time someone allowed a Christian to speak without being called a bigot and closed minded or threaten their employment. We disagree with the lifestyle participation of all sins--not just homosexuality. This is not a hate statement but an agreement with what is written in the Bible. When did this country become a nation where diversity is NOT tolerated. Quiet as it is kept, the homosexual community and those people who applaud them are NOT tolerant of anyone who disagrees with them and will do anything to close our comments. Really? Thank you ESPN for allowing Chris to speak the truth without fear of losing his employment.

Thu, May 2, 2021 @ 8:39 AM

2. ann wrote:
The vociferous voice of the lgbt and their "fairy" tales that DNA and physical anatomy do not matter; but, their "imaginations" do; has hoodwinked the world. Their promise to find the "gay gene" has been thwarted. Science has proven that it does not exist. Only the Intersex have physical anomalies and missing parts and extra immature parts hidden inside; and God gave them a Unique genetic marker to identity this birth defect. lgbt are just Male DNA xy or Female DNA xx just like you and me; but, they have spent billions world wide and have organized well, to sue to protest to bully and to silence all who oppose their "fairy" tales. Their sex addiction has been exposes. For whatever reasons; they prefer to shun the opposite sex and to pursue sexual encounters with same sex individuals. Their sexual habits are not my concern; but, redefining marriage is. Their fantasies cannot triumph DNA which is the Science that proves they are not a new race of people and qualify for equal rights; nor are they different with Unique genetic markers; they are just desiring same sex hook ups. Their sex addiction cannot be rewarded by inhibiting my Natural Human RIGHTS of DNA. DNA is the accepted standard for the Olympics. It has been for Marriage. It is for the census. We have to stop the lunacy of rewriting laws and forms and redefining everyone as drones: SEXLESS working creatures. WE ARE HUMANS AND HAVE THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO OUR MALENESS AND FEMALENESS. REVERSE THIS CURSE by the lgbt and DEMAND your DNA definition. WE have the SCIENCE TO PROVE OUR CASE IN THE COURTS. THEY ONLY HAVE IT IN THEIR DISILLUSIONED MINDS. THE ATHEISTS SUE FOR THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF THE CROSS. START SUING FOR THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF DENYING YOU YOUR DNA RIGHTS IN MARRIAGE ON DOCUMENTS AND DEMAND: Separate: Never Equal. Stop the redefinition of all things based on "fairy" tales.

Thu, May 2, 2021 @ 3:32 PM

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