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  • Gay Children, Straight Parents Released in Spanish

    "Gay Children, Straight Parents" Released in Spanish While in Spain, IHF Founder Richard Cohen, M.A. conducted two television shows and three magazine interviews to promote the release of "Gay Children, Straight Parents" in Spanish. "I defended our position, that 1) No one is born with same-sex attractions, 2) No one chooses to experience homosexual feelings; and 3) Change is possible, to a hostile, pro-homosexual station (this is the first link), and the interview came out fairly well," comment...

  • Victory in Spain!

    Victory in Spain! Approximately 50 psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, pastors and priests attended IHF's Counselor Training Program in. Madrid, Spain June 13-15 facilitated by IHF Founder Richard Cohen!

  • 100 Attend Training and Healing Seminar in Milan, Italy

    100 Attend Training and Healing Seminar in Milan, Italy Sabaoth Ministries, with 28 churches throughout Italy and South America, sponsored a Counselor Training and Healing Seminar for their leaders and members from June 5-7. It was an extraordinary, transforming experience for all in attendance. "My eyes and heart were illuminated with an understanding that I had sought all my life.

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