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  • IHF Files Amicus Brief In Support of Lawsuit Challenging New Jersey's Change Therapy Ban

    IHF Files an Amicus Brief in support of Alliance Defending Freedoms' lawsuit against the change therapy ban in New Jersey. View Amicus Brief

  • Gay Activists Protest Richard Cohen's Conference in Monterrey Mexico

    GAY ACTIVISTS PROTEST RICHARD COHEN'S CONFERENCE IN MONTERREY MEXICO Over three hundred men and women dared to cross the picket line of gay and lesbian activists who opposed my talk this evening in Monterrey, Mexico. Before the conference began, Andreina del Villar, our IHF Mexico Acting Director, and I went outside to greet the protestors with donuts! We wanted to show them our love and support.

  • Counselor Training Program in Mexico City

    Counselor Training Program in Mexico City Sept 20-22, 2013 Psychotherapist, author, and founder of IHF Richard Cohen will present our three-day Counselor Training Program in Mexico City on September 20-22. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about the meaning of same-sex attraction (SSA) and loving those who experience SSA the right ways. Cohen will present two proven and successful protocols: 1) assisting men and women who experience SSA, helping them fulfill their tr...

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