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CONTACT: Sara Vars
October 28, 2020

International Healing Foundation Apologizes to the LGBTQ Community on its 21st Anniversary

Organization Expands Mission from ‘Change is Possible’ to ‘Coming Out Loved’

Bowie, MD - The International Healing Foundation has educated and counseled thousands of men, women and adolescents who experience unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA). However, on its 21st anniversary, IHF apologized to the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) community for years of unknowingly fueling anti-gay sentiment by simply stating, “Change is Possible.”

“We at IHF wish to offer a sincere, heartfelt apology to everyone in the LGBTQ community,” said IHF founder and director, Richard Cohen. “I apologize and ask forgiveness to those who were hurt by our message.” Cohen, a leading expert in the field of sexual orientation and married father of three, knows first-hand how it feels to be ostracized having lived a gay life.

Beginning today, IHF’s doors are wide open to everyone in the LGBTQ and straight communities. The new mission, “Coming Out Loved,” is the catalyst of true tolerance, real diversity, and equality for all. IHF staff will assist anyone who is conflicted about their sexuality and other challenging issues that arise for many in the gay community.

IHF has adopted therapeutic guidelines from the American Psychological Association for members of the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities; American Counseling Association guidelines for the transgender community; and National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality therapeutic guidelines for anyone questioning their sexuality and/or experiencing unwanted SSA.

Cohen asserts everyone should be loved and accepted for who they are. “By opening our doors to everyone in the LGBTQ and straight communities, we are expanding upon our mission and broadening the scope of our services,” he says. For more information, visit www.ComingOutLoved.com.

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The International Healing Foundation is a therapeutic and educational non-profit organization dedicated to bring hope and healing to individuals experiencing SSA and their families. Since 1990, the International Healing Foundation has helped thousands of men, women and adolescents worldwide find freedom and fulfill their dreams through counseling services, teleconferencing classes, healing seminars, counselor training programs, and resource materials. Headquartered in Maryland, IHF also has another office in Mexico.


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