Straight Talk About Homosexuality - SOLD OUT

Straight Talk About Homosexuality - SOLD OUT


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SOLD OUT (E-Book Coming Soon)

Everything you ever wanted to know about homosexuality but were afraid to ask!

Straight Talk About Homosexuality: The Other Side of Tolerance
is a virtual blueprint to understand the hidden meaning behind same-sex attraction (SSA) and how to solve the homosexual dilemma facing our culture and world today.

Chapters include:

  1. Brief History of the Homosexual Movement: How they achieved so much, so fast, and the motivation behind their movement.

  2. Meaning Behind Same-Sex Attraction: What really drives homosexual feelings, desires, and behaviors—basic causes of same-sex attraction (SSA).

  3. Clues Why We Believe Five Celebrities Experience SSA:
    • Greg Louganis, Olympic gold medal diver Melissa Etheridge, rock star
    • John Amaechi, former NBA player
    • Rosie O’Donnell, talk show host and actress
    • Kevin Jennings, U.S. Department of Education Safe School Czar

  4. New Language to Heal Homosexuality: Words that the Homosexual Movement created to gain public acceptance, i.e., "gay," "sexual orientation," "homophobia," "same-sex marriage," "anti-gay," etc. We introduce new language to begin healing those who experience SSA.

  5. How to Love Those With SSA The Right Way: Finally we offer simple suggestions how to love your SSA relatives and friends to restore their innate heterosexual potential!

Straight Talk About Homosexuality is a practical guide to resolve the homosexual cultural divide… a must read for every parent, teacher, clergy, and all concerned citizen. Everyday people change from SSA to Straight! Find out how and become part of the solution.