Family Healing Sessions
 The Family Healing Session is one of the most advanced and effective tools available at this time in family counseling and coaching. It is especially helpful to remove blocks that prevent healthy communication and connection within the family. The family healing sessions are most successful in creating more harmonious and loving relationships. They also support the resolution of longstanding conflicts between parents and children. Ideally all family members, parents and children alike, participate and gain a new foundation of open, honest sharing and greater love. It has been said by many who have participated in our Family Healing Sessions, that this experience was equal to and greater than several years of therapy!
Resolving Conflicts through Parent-Child Bonding            
Everyone needs to belong. Through any incident the child experienced as hurt or trauma, separation might then occur in the parent and child relationship. If a trauma or emotional detachment goes unrecognized, the wounding within the child will result in the development of a “symptom” in order to cope with the underlying pain. Through our Family Healing Sessions, the parents and children express their pent up emotions and wounds. As a result of this process, they experience a wonderful bonding and reattachment! Finally the child will feel safe, secure and experience the magnificent sensation, “I belong.” The purpose of the Family Healing Session is to connect the wounded adult-child to his or her parents and family. Hilde Weimann, assistant director of the International Foundation, was trained by psychotherapist Richard Cohen and other professionals. She has facilitated numerous Family Healing Sessions throughout the past ten years, helping families achieve intimacy they never knew was possible. Ms. Wiemann will provide many insights and practical tools to aide in the process of family healing and reconciliation. Hilde is a professionally trained relationship coach and certified sexual reorientation expert.  
Summary of what you will receive:
• Family Healing Session for parents and children: One-two day intensive
• Personal Treatment Plan: How to continue parent-child bonding
• Aftercare program, ongoing support
Please contact our office if you would like more information about a Family Healing Session: Tel. (301) 805-6111 or Hilde Wiemann at (301) 537-2848.      

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