Gay Children, Straight Parents

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Reading or listening to Richard Cohen’s breakthrough book/CD series, Gay Children, Straight Parents: A Plan for Family Healing will bring great peace and understanding to your heart and mind. Through his 21 years of clinical practice working with parents and family members who have LGBT loved ones, Cohen describes 12 principles that offer a path toward renewed family relationships grounded in love, faith and mutual respect. This important resource describes powerful principles to create more loving and intimate relationships within the family and community. Also in this book/CD series, parents share wonderful stories of restored relationships and family healing.
In this 9-disc CD series, Mr. Cohen teaches all the key principles contained in the book Gay Children, Straight Parents and much more. Additionally, there are wonderful stories of victory read by the parents themselves. This twelve-stage protocol will provide all listeners with practical tools for healing and transformation. The theme of this program is: Whoever loves the most and the longest wins! This landmark CD series will give hope to many families and the entire religious community.

Chapter Outline:

Section One: Personal Healing 
   Step One: Take Care of Yourself
   Step Two: Do Your Own Work
   Step Three: Experience God's Love

Section Two: Relational Healing
   Step Four: Investigate the Causes of SSA
   Step Five: Utilize Effective Communication Skills
   Step Six: Make Things Right Between You and Your SSA Child
   Step Seven: Discover Your Child's Love Language and Participate in Their Interests
   Step Eight: Same-Sex Parent Display Appropriate Physical Affection
   Step Nine: Opposite-Sex Parent Take Two Steps Back

Section Three: Community Healing
   Step Ten: Create a Warm and Welcoming Environment in 
                  Your Home, Place of Worship and Community
   Step Eleven: Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Sleepovers and Ceremonies
   Step Twelve: Find Mentors and Mentor Others

Endorsements for Gay Children, Straight Parents

"I enthusiastically recommend Gay Children, Straight Parents as a must-read for every parent facing the difficult discovery of their child's homosexuality. Richard's compassionate approach relieves the stigma and shame often associated with a loved-one's homosexual struggle. Whether a parent has just found out or is years into their journey with their gay son or daughter, they will glean understanding, support, guidance and encouragement in their ongoing efforts to love their child well." Janelle M. Hallman, M.A., LPC 

"Words cannot express the gratitude that we feel in our hearts for the incredible enlightenment that we have received from Gay Children, Straight Parents. This book has changed the life of our family and helped our daughter heal. Words can never express the depth of our gratitude." Michael & Linda

"This book helped us go from shock and disbelief to an understanding of what happened to our son who experiences same-sex attractions. It showed us how to develop an action plan to help heal our entire family. Our sensitive, intelligent son is now, with his dad's love and encouragement, learning to take the necessary steps into manhood. The personal stories of change throughout the book gave us real hope." Bob & Sue

"A helpful resource for parents who are intentional about loving their children well." Katherine M. Allen, LPC and director, Sought Out, Inc.

"It is with gratitude to Richard Cohen for filling so many voids in the field of same-sex attraction, and for his continuing leadership and distinctive insights, that I highly recommend this long-awaited text." Arthur Goldberg, co-director, JONAH
"We all want the best for our children. Please read this book and follow Richard's suggestions for building a healthy parent-child relationship, one based on unconditional love and mutual respect." Regina Griggs, National Director, PFOX

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