Teleconferencing Classes for Parents
Parents Level I
There are definite ways to help your loved ones heal and fulfill their potential. Our teleconferencing classes offer practical advice about how to increase love and understanding between you and your child, and what you can do to help your son or daughter grow. By following and implementing the strategies offered in this course, families have been healed and relationships restored.

The 8 classes held over a 3-month period, features 30 minutes of teaching and one hour of sharing and personal attention to your individual needs. A conference call line connects all class participants (average of 12 parents per class). This is a powerful tool to increase your support network through relationships with other parents and help you build bridges with your child!

Here is the story of one family
: "When we found out about our son’s sexual orientation, we felt so very isolated and didn’t know what to do. The mental health professionals that we consulted were kind yet offered no helpful advice. We found Gay Children, Straight Parents on the Internet. This was the first ray of hope in our very dark, painful situation. Then we joined your teleconferencing classes. We found other parents that also loved their children and were equally confused. After the first class, I slept all night without waking up crying. My husband and I started talking and stopped blaming one another. Thank you from my heart." JL

Topics Include:
  • How to love and respond to homosexually oriented children and loved ones
  • Causes of same-sex attraction (SSA)
  • Process of healing family relationships
  • Develop a step-by-step action plan
  • Guidance for Dads and Moms
  • Communication and parenting skills
  • Understanding your child's love language
  • Reconciling family relationships
  • Action steps for community support

Expert relationship and parent coach, Hilde Wiemann, facilitates the classes, providing direction and guidance from her 20 years of experience. Her communication skills and mastery of family dynamics make these classes invaluable.

Recent comment from a support group participant:  “Frank’s testimonial regarding the conversation with his son was like poetry and it just touched my heart. It was the conversation I long to have with my son. I know these words were well-crafted by you and I'm sure all of us wanted to thank you for the wonderful and amazing coaching you give us.”
Time: Once a week / 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST
Dates: Call 301-537-2848 for info on next class session
Cost: $400 (8 sessions)
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Parents Level II-Breakthrough
We offer Parents Level II-Breakthrough Classes that provide a more in-depth understanding of the issues facing parents and their SSA children.

The focus of these classes is further education about family dynamics and practical skills to enhance intimacy with your child.

Additional topics addressed: 1) Understanding different parenting styles, 2) Overcoming anxiety and depression, and 3) Fostering healthy family dynamics through advanced communication skills. The emphasis of this course is to provide parents with practical tools to help achieve greater love in all family relationships.

Time: Once a week / 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST
Call 301-537-2848 for updated information

Cost: $200 (4 sessions)
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Parents Support Group and Book Club
Oftentimes after parents read Gay Children, Straight Parents, questions arise as to how this translates to their SSA child. Through our bi-weekly conference call support group, you will connect (or be connected) with families who have SSA loved ones, which provides support and encouragement.

This group meets bi-weekly to address your concerns and questions. You may e-mail relationship and parent coach, Hilde Wiemann, prior to the class. All your concerns will be addressed during the session.

Examples of books studied:
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, Karol K. Truman
The New Co-Dependency, Melody Beattie
Boundaries, Dr. Henry Cloud
Self Esteem, Dr. Matthew McKay
10 Days to Self Esteem, Dr. David Burns
Real Love in Marriage, Dr. Greg Baer
Real Love in Parenting, Dr. Greg Baer
Recovery of the Inner Child, Dr. Lucia Capacchione
TimeEvery two weeks / 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST (Every other Monday)
Cost: $50 a month per family
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