Stories from Healing Seminars

"This couple of days has been something I have never experienced before. It was extraordinary and I believe life changing for me and my family. I learned skills and tools that I will institute in my daily life and will encourage my family to do the same."    LH
"This seminar was amazing. I never thought I would break through my pain and other issues. I have so much more clarity and peace concerning my healing. I go out into the world a witness to God’s love and the healing power of this seminar."      MN
"This seminar exceeded all my expectations. I came for SSA issues. I have had little to no therapy and did not know what to expect. Caleb and Hilde were outstanding in both their ability to decipher and help in soul matters. The actual seminar greatly helped me understand myself better through other sharing, as well as my own. Even though each individual had a different circumstance or issue, we were all interconnected in some way. Bravo!"    JL

"I came here with specific issues, deep rooted issues that I have been dealing with for years. The flow of the sessions and the personal exercises allowed me to visualize and experience my past and it fostered an environment of role playing that granted me the opportunity to get my release. What an awesome experience to feel healthy and whole, to breathe and to feel the weight of the past be lifted off my heart, mind and soul. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be here."       NB

"Excellent weekend. I’m confident that this weekend will help us with our family’s communication and my prayer is that it will help my daughter with her SSA. Thanks for being real, not hiding back about the truth."   FM

"When my parents told me that we were coming to the conference this weekend, I was NOT happy. And even as we were traveling to come here, I was skeptical. However, I have enjoyed my weekend. This was a good experience and I’m glad I came, and even happier that I was able to have an open mind and give this experience a chance to touch my heart."   JM

“This weekend was enlightening for me. I found support in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. I felt that I especially had a breakthrough with the inner child exercise. I know that I’m a step closer to healing and have made some great new friends who share the same struggle.”    TB
"I have to compliment the three staff members orchestrating a very fulfilling weekend, I learned an awful lot about my son (and myself) and our relationship that I didn't know and would not have learned without your help. Thank You for the eye-opening experience this weekend. I also have a plan for the next steps to take."  PR 

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